I had a great time having the photoshoot, everyone was helpful and professional and made me believe in myself! Very good atmosphere, lovely people!

After attending the casting,I have to say a big thank you for how good and nice professionals you are at your job and with the people. I would highly recommend you to anyone who was interested. Thanks…

Everything went really well for a first time shoot & the pictures were professionally taken & come out perfect!

Thank you for your offer. Your staff is friendly polite and patient. Your photographer is very positive and sympathetic. I enjoyed that but I don’t take it seriously enough, sorry. But it was a good experience and…

What an experience! The staff were very welcoming, friendly and professional. The photographer made me feel comfortable and also gave me tips on our to make my photos outstanding. Highly recommended.

All professional good atmosphere nice place to check your self

I had a amazing time

Good studio and the staff is very professional,I like this place.

Well-organised and friendly environment. Great feedback and follow ups.

A great experience for all of us I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did Izyan as the images speak for themselves. All in all a good day just the waiting time after the shoot could be improved…

A fantastic experience, extremely professional and kind personnel. A relaxed and appealing environment and the process was simple and straightforward. All my queries were answered and all information including some essential tips were provided to me. Overall…

Absolutely amazing definitely filled my expectations

I enjoyed everything moment. It’s great

My experience was amazing. All staff is very friendly and I am very happy from modelstudio. I got many offers from agencies by them.

On my arrival I was greated by a lovely receptionist. Word to the wise, use the mirror provided to touch up before your photo shoot. You will have plenty of time to do this. Also it may…

Fantastic experience! Such friendly staff who made my son and I feel really comfortable! You can tell they are used to children as they were really understanding and caring! Amazing advice also given!

Fantastic service. Really enjoyed the photoshoot and staff members were extremely polite and friendly.

Although things ran behind time somewhat, the overall experience was a positive one. The photoshoot was fun and relaxed and the feedback afterwards very informative.

They are amazing 🤩

I really enjoyed my first photoshoot. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, so I was able to be myself,

The team at the studio in Birmingham were fantastic. Despite my anxiety and slight embarrassment about being in front of the camera the team were abl to elay those worries and make me feel very comfortable. Communication…

Very nice amazing opportunity friendly people.

It was my first time doing a professional shoot, am very happy about the support i get which enhanced my confidence Infront of the camera

I really enjoyed the hospitality of the company, the staff were very friendly and explained everything to me carefully and made me feel very comfortable. I love how they took some of my son’s pictures, they came…

Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was amazing experience. So professional, experienced and kind staff. I personally learned a lot during this shoot.

The staff are extremely nice

It was my first proper modelling experience. The team helped me understand the process easily and made the day a great experience. I was having photo shootings with different outfits and enjoyed the time. The photographer was…

I actually had a nice experience at the studio especially being my first time experience. Thanks especially to the photographer for directing and taking nice shots of me that blew me away. Also, I appreciate the prompt…

Thaat was amazing experience with your team

everything good , nice , I:m happy,

Hi ! everyone This is my first experience with photography studio, it was very special for me I loved it and I appreciate it. The staffs was very friendly they did very nice and professional job. Regards…

I loved the whole time I was there with my daughter and how they treated us. Brilliant company amazing people and im great full I will be spending more time with them.

I would recommend model studio, everyone was so friendly and kind.

had quite a long wait but was a good atmosphere, and friendly encouraging staff which helped to make me calmer as this was a first for me, and professional equipment and people

It wa s lovely day and the staff are so nice made us feel so welcoming, my kids enjoyed the sweet and because they where left to take as many as they WANT. Will surely recommend the…

Highly professional and good staff

It was great working with them

The studio was so lovely, the people were amazing, friendly and welcoming. Would highly recommend.

had quite a long wait but was a good atmosphere, and friendly encouraging staff which helped to make me calmer as this was a first for me, and professional equipment and people

It very welcoming as soon as you step in. The staff are very encouraging and motivating. They give you a lot of compliments. Overall a good experience.

I enjoyed my experience at the studio. The staff were kind and welcoming which made our nerves subtle. The area was clean and well kept and the photographer was patient with our baby whilst shooting. After the…

Had great fun modelling in various costumes, and look forward to working with them again!

I had a great experience at the studio. When I arrived everything was clearly explained to me and I was given time to work through necessary forms without feeling rushed. The photographer that worked with me was…

I attended my test shoot on a Saturday. The receptionist was friendly and explained the process to me: wait for the photographer, have photos taken, wait for the advisor, then finally, discuss your experience and options with…

Thankyou for giving a comfortable experience was excellent

Had a great time at the studio as this was also my first shoot in 7 years, everyone was kind and made me feel welcome, was given great advice and feedback on how to kick start a…

Staff were very welcoming, responsive and free to interact with. Everyone made sure they clearly explained what was going on and allowed room for questions to be asked for clarification.

The whole experience was amazing, the photographer and receptionist were lovely and made me feel comfortable. The photos were amazing and I loved working with everyone. Thank you!

The photographer who took my images was very friendly and tried to find out my personality in order to get better shots. I was happy with at least 10 out of 50 pictures which is quite a…

It was an awesome experience

wonderful people they helped a lot and can’t wait to be working for them

Dear All What a fantastic experience getting photo’s taken of myself. Staff were friendly and prior to my session, I was informed of all the next steps providing me with reassurance I needed. My photographer was professional…

I thought the staff was greatmade me feel comfortable especially with being my first time doing anything like this.

Amazing and friendly Staff , l enjoyed My Time

I went for my free photoshoot to the studio and they were very friendly . They made very pleasant and light environment throughout the shoot. As it was my first ever shoot, i was a little nervous….

Me and my daughter had an amazing time everyone was very professional and my daughter had a fantastic shoot

I had such a nice experience taking my son as a first time shoot for him. And I was made to feel at ease and professional.

The photoshoot was an interesting and fun experience. The staff was really friendly and the photographer too. But there are some points I would like to add: -The dressing rooms were in the waiting room and that…

It was a nice shoot and friendly staff

Just like to say, how well your staff are. made me feel very welcome and they were friendly, helpfully. Nothing was to much trouble. the shoot it’s self was fantastic and I loved every minute. they are…

I enjoyed it and it was fun However it would be better if we got some pictures

The studio was very beautiful. The staff was the best staff I’ve ever met.

The People Working There Are Very Nice

Everything went smooth ,well and it was professional , from the begin till the end, the studio is very characteristic. I like to work with Daniela , I had a great time yesterday 🙂 .

A great experience giving people a sky high boost of confidence behind the camera at a potential shot at exceeding their career in life!

Had a fantastic day on Wednesday . Great reception team very friendly and helpful!!!! Great music to listen too as there can be await whilst your photos upload . Thank you for all your time and help…

It was a great experience to visit the studio. The employees were quite well mannered.

I had a really great experience with the team

My welcome at the studio was amazing! The staff and service was excellent, without a single flaw. Probably the friendliest people in London! Keep it up!

It also very good new experience for me and my son, everyone was very helpful and nice. It was a good atmosphere for my son to run and go himself

Staff were great and the cameraman was kind and helpful. Adella was amazing and was very polite and kind. Loved the photoshoot and there was no problems at all. 4 stars

Lydia and reception staffs were accommodating, kind, welcoming, good vibes and really interacted with us as well as other model prospectives advised us and ensured we were comfortable in their studio. They’re all lovely and friendly people,…

really enjoyed it. staff were lovely and were happy to help.

I visited the model booker in white chapel today, the staff are helpful and friendly. I will like to visit again . I will refer friends and family to these amazing place,

They are so kind and friendly,, Thay are the best!

It was a fun day I really enjoyed the company of everyone, great staff too, I felt the session inspired me a lot good job !!

I am delighted to say this was an amazing experience to be handed to me, a first of many at that! All colleagues introduced to me were welcoming and polite. I want to say a special thank…

Very quick and brilliant service I had my baby photo shoot the of this studio deal us and my baby Very friendly and very lucky studio for us I got work from many agencies overall brilliant service

I came across your company quite by chance, but I was very glad to see that there was a company out there that helped models get there foot in the door and get an introduction into the…

Was very nervous, and do feel like we didnt have much information to go from, so when successfull, we didnt expect it all so quickly and such a large amount for portfolio. Staff were nice.

Well organized Great experienced with highly professional staff. 10 out of 10!

Kind, friendly staff and quick service

Very professional professional

Had a very nice visit, all the staffs are friendly, nice and helpful throughout my journey.

The services is amazing I enjoyed the photo shoot from the start to the end The photographer was legit awesome overall I felt overwhelmed

The services at Nottingham studio hub was great I enjoyed the photo shoot the photographer was amazing overall I felt overwhelmed

Amazing photoshoot and amazing reception and super friendly staff and OMG photos are like unbelievably ❤️❤️❤️

Had a fantastic session, everybody was willing and able to help and generally on final outcome had a right old good laugh with agent.

Had a fantastic session, everybody was willing and able to help and generally on final outcome had a right old good laugh with agent.

I love how everything was perfect and professional yet made me as a first time person feel at ease even though i was very nervous coming from home. love how the people at the studios helped with…

It was really good, I liked the photos that came out good experience.

I really joy the photo shoot and the warm approach of the staff.Cant wait to the next level.

We had to take photos of Amir in the studio

I have gained so much confidence and positivity from my test shoot at White Chapel Studio which has given me the push to get into the modelling Industry and embarking on a new career. I have found…

The photographer who was taking her photos was very patient with her and was pulling faced and making her laugh. He was very adaptable and was able to take some good pictures even whilst she aas running…

This was a really great experience and I was pleased to have agencies make contact with me before I left the studio.

The experience was generally enjoyable, although seemed to be a marketing opportunity rather than actually an agency casting call. Let’s see if any of the agencies interested contact me before I invest in a portfolio.

It was a very long process for me…as I have a baby and we were there for a total of 3 and half hours…mainly waiting as her actual shoot was quite fast. The photographer was very professional…

Had a great time the staff where friendly and could not have been more helpful towards myself. Was surprised by how good the photos showed me and how at ease I appeared. I would recommend without hessitation

Staff in the studios was really nice and cooperative.The guy took my photos was professional and he gives me an idea of how I can make photos.

Great experience thanks

We came for a shoot for our daughter, she had a brilliant time and it got her really excited for the future. We was seen to really quick an the process ran very smoothly an was explained…

Had a great visit to the studios, I really enjoyed my first time having my pictures taken

Absolutely loved it! Couldn’t have asked for better services, the company was very relaxed in reception!& I felt very welcomed!

Everyone I met was so professional and friendly. Was a wonderful experience.

My experience was amazing I had the best time and I have received emails from modelling agency’s already. The photographer made me feel confident and gave good direction as it was my first time doing anything like…

It was great the photogarpherreally knows what he is doing and the manager there is great fun and very kind i enjoyed every bit of the assesment.

I did not know anything about modeling before. I felt like a princess there. They made professional photos and gave me advice and offer help to start.

The receptionist and the photographer were very kind. Even though we had quite a long wait, it was definitely worth it. I would certainly recommend it to a friend.

At the start we had quite a long wait and hassle, but after the pictures were taken we very happy and we would recommend people to come to this studio.

I have had the pleasure to have a photo shoot at this MODELS studio in London. It was a great experience, helpful staff, from professional photographer Jade, to lovely secretary, and super friendly Clay as manager. Thank…

made me feel very comfortable and confident in the environment they create for new comers with modelling asperations

My visit to the Camden Studio was Good. Reason why there was no fuss with hair and makeup. You just go and be you. I have since been contacted an affiliate of Model Studio. I am amazed…

Very good service very friendly and welcoming made me feel very comfortable and they were also very helpful

Photos taken by them was amazing i got spellbound every ome is best at there work very disciplineed and well managed studio very kind and supportive staff.

It was my first time in a shoot of any kind and the staff was very welcoming. The photographer constantly encouraged me with each pose.

I had fun with the entire process, they were very helpful and friendly. I have already gotten offers from agencies.

This was my sons first professional photo shoot and all the staff have been very friendly and made us feel comfortable and welcoming. We all had a great time and the photographer was great. So happy that…

People at the studio were lovely and helped me a lot with my first experience with a shoot. Can’t wait to see what may come from this amazing opportunity!

Alex was fantastic, he made me comfortable, the team are lovely and would highly recommend the company. I have already had two offers from agencies and looking into them as we speak. Thank you for giving me…

Photographer was very easy to talk to, kind, approachable and made me feel at ease. He is a freelance photographer and very interested in shooting for my models as I am a business owner of a lingerie…

If you are worried about attending your first modelling photoshoot, stop right there and think of the many opportunities that are going to come your way after leaving aside your fears and doubts. The experienced I had…

I though it was a great experience

All the team were really friendly professional and made me feel 100 percentage comfortable and relaxed for shoot

I enjoyed taking the photo shoot and I am happy that I got accepted

Thank you cc ery much to Clay for the kind advise and support he give in to us during vthe photo shoot.He made us very relaxed.me and my daughter vey much enjoyed to begin in the studio….

Aa amazing experience a great opportunity to dive into the world of modeling!! The crew is very friendly professionals and talented ! Highly recommended!!

Felt very relaxed great photographer friendly helpful staff all in all fabulous experience

I was quick to submit review that i forgot to upload a pic from the shoot. this is one of my favourite pic and also the last picture taken. I learned i should have explored more angles…

I thought it was amazing experience to see what it would be like and i can imagine what the modelling world and how exciting. I had a good time and the photographer helped me feel at ease…

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and soon got talking about the company very positively and that made me feel comfortable and relaxed then I met the photographer and he was reassuring and made sure I…

The studio is really specialized and trustworthy!

We had a great time yesterday, the staff and photographer were a awesome. Olivia had an amazing time. Thank you for having us

We had a lovely experience on the photo shoot. Friendly people. Thank you.

It’s a. Good experience

This experience was amazing , friendly staff , professional , punctual and outstanding direction and photography. I would highly recommend

Absolutely amazing. Everyone was very friendly and very welcoming. Everyone made me feel relaxed.

Friendly and professional staff ,I had an excellent experience .

It was my first time doing this sort of but i felt like I fit in like I’ve been modelling for years. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I got a good brief of what’s to be expected…

The people at this studio was so helpf and i had a really good time

My little boy absolutely loved his shoot thankyou to the amazing photographer taking his photos. All staff were so polite and helpful, and I would 100% recommend this company to anyone.

We attended a baby photo shoot for my little girl. From start to finish we received excellent service. When you first arrive at reception you are treated by a polite young girl, your seated until the camera…

From beginning to end this test shoot was amazing. The shoot f Was for our 10 month old daughter. Everyone there was bery nice and had a lot of patience. They let us take the time we…

The staff were very friendly and the process was smooth. This is a perfect stepping stone for modelling and would recommend this to anyone thinking to get in a modelling career.

Really enjoyed working with these guys can’t fault them for how helpful they were and have been really looking forward to progressing in furthering my success in the modelling agency definitely looking at doing it for my…

Everyone was very friendly and professional which helped with nerves. So happy!

The staff were really friendly and patient with my toddler who didn’t really want to have his photos taken, they allowed extra time for him to calm down before trying again. Would definitely recommended for baby models…

The experience was very easy and well-directed by everyone at the studio. The photographer was simple and easy with the way he wanted me to positioned for the pictures and it was just a very easy day…

I would like to thank you for the wonderful day and the amazing photo shoot I received from you. I really enjoyed the time spent in your studio with your friendly team and would like to thank…

I had a great experience, the photographer was amazing considering my little one wouldn’t sit still! Would definitely recommend

This was a very pleasant experience for me especially as it was a first in my life .

Great experience and the people are nice, the photographer is really helpful in instructing you and making you feel comfortable to get great pictures.

Very polite staff, we were kept up to date with waiting times.

Having been invited to attend a photo shoot at the Camden Studios, i must say it was a mixture of emotions. My initial impression was a calm and warm presence amongst the team. From when i arrived,…

Services at the studio was expedient. The staff at the studio were all nice, polite and helpful. I had a great time during my photo shoot session. The studio manager is kindhearted and encouraging.

It was amazing for my first shoot the photographer was on point knew what he was doing the whole the workers where chill and cool easy going little bit of a wait.

Staff and photographer were fun to talk to, made me loosen up a few nerves I had.

I felt very confortable. I really enjoyed the moment, the first of many other photoshoots I’m sure I will have within the industry. Thank you so much guys.

I loved the shoot and as this was my first time stepping into the modelling industry, people working there were very helpful (especially the photographer), they were welcoming and I loved the entire ambience of it. this…

The photo shoot took place in a comfortable environment and taken by a nice photographer

I’m really happy that I had an opportunity to be in this studio.

Easy, first time in the industry and got on very well, really enjoyed it

Staff was polite and well-mannered. Photographer was a pleasure to work with.

The team was so kind and friendly. And the shoot itself was a fab experience.

It was amazing. Staff was so polite and really helped us when we was there.

It was my first photo shoot in my life. It was very nice, quiet and professional. I am very happy about the photos, new opportunities in my life 🙂

Enjoyed the modelling shoot, the staff was very nice and helpful. Let’s hope better things come out from this. Thank you

proffesional and friendly team who warme welcome people.Team in Nottingham is extreamly supportive and helpful.

Very professional staff, motivated, it can be easily seen they are enjoying their job which is more like their passion. I have been provided with loads of useful information and support through the all stages.

They made me feel Great it was so quick and easy and they loved me which is always a start would Recommend to anyone for Modelling

I had a good time and was happy to pose for the camera.

Amazing service very helpful and friendly staff made me and my baby girl feel welcome and comfortable at all times I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone

The shoot on the whole went really well. Me and my daughter arrived early just to be sure but the place was locked up and no one around to ask. I did call the booking team who…

It was an excellent experience Thenstaffvare all very friendly and professional. They were very helpful.

Was a pleasant and enjoyable experience with friendly staff and a nice atmosphere

Best experience the best

The service I received was great. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

I was nervous before the photoshoot but after,I realised it was simple, quick and exciting.

It was great working with you guys I mean you gave me the chance for move forward and always nervous about offshoots but now I feel some type of confidence thank you for all


I would say that this shoot and experience was really best for me, this company explained to me how it is working and explained what they will do and what i need to do as well. Soon…

It was very welcoming. During waiting time I was given ideas on how pose, there was magazines all over the table plus on the tv, which helped me a lot with my shoot. Clay made it very…

First time attending a shoot for my baby so was not sure what to expect. Found staff very friendly. Busy place and told due to delay we could come back and they called to let me know…

Really good experience with very welcoming staff.

It was a great experience for me. All the staff was kind and polite.

It was an amazing day good opportunity to change life

Great experience, the photographer was really nice and made me feel really comfortable, so was the rest of the staff.

Enjoyed the experience

It was a good experience

Had such a great time at Malibu studios. I had no idea what to expect, but everyone was friendly, and helped me get my portfolio up and running, without the lovely advisor I wouldn’t have made it…

Very friendly staff. Whole atmosphere very positive and welcoming. Would definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.

Lovely people well looked after thanks all

I was really pleased about everything and especially how they have a lot of patience to deal with babies

Very good people and i am happy with this.

This was an amazing opportunity to have as I had never done w photo shoot before! All the staff were really friendly and in a day I am already set up with a model agency!

Was a great second time in a studio, the photographer was amazing and helpful. All the staff were easy going, down to earth and professional too. The wait was expected but wasn’t longer tha 2 hours. Good…

Very professional and friendly loved the experience

5* review was made to feel comfortable by all staff and really enjoyed my time in the studio. Thankyou!

Great experience, fun to attend

That was an amazing experience! Everyone was helpful and really nice. I was stressed at the beginning but all the Ladies who work there help me so much. I’m really happy with my pictures and I would…

Everyone at the studio are very kind and the shoot was great

Made me feel very comfortable and at easy. Would highly recommended.

Amazing staff and friendly , met our expectations! James was brilliant

The shoot was very professional. Photographer was easy to work with, staff were also welcoming and was very happy with my experience.

A great experience at the Camden Studio from a very professional and helpful team. From arrival, to shoot, to review, the experience couldn’t be faulted. A great team, who were very supportive and helpful. Thank you!

My little boy had lots of fun doing his photoshoot, service was great. To top it all off pictures were great, happy with the day in general. Very professional.

I went to the Malibu studio in London with my two sons who have now been accepted! Everybody was great and very understanding of the potential feelings for my two sons. And how It can be a…

Really happy with the shooting of Sunday. Hope that this is enough to have some opportunity in to this world.

Lovely staff at the studio we was just waiting over an hour for our phtotoshoot other then that everything was great

Lovely people very helpful

There was a really good atmosphere at the studio and the team were very welcoming. Overall my time spent there was good.

Great friendly photographer would recommend this place

The company was amazing, the staff were lovely and the place was very nice. Thank you!

It was a great experience for our child. the photographer was very good with him and the images came out really well. i just hope now that agancies follow up andhe is of intrest to them.

Friendly staff. Photoshoots where great. Helpful staff explaining to you how to start modelling career and were to start.

Great Studio. Great Photographer. Great Staff. Great Fun.

I enjoyed this amazing experience. The photographer was very professional and the staff very friendly. I had an amazing time!

Very friendly and welcoming . Lovely experience

Mi-a plăcut experiența .

Brilliant staff, all lovely and explain everything through, great photos taken too.

A new experience a few first time nerves but everything was very straightforward and your guided and advised throughtout the shoot and interviews.

I had the best time yesterday! The photographer was so cool and there was such a good vibe in the environment of the studio. The photos were awesome and I was so impressed with how quick the…

Brilliant set up, kind receptionist, great and welcoming staff to make you feel at ease. Overall a great and exciting experience for me. Will definitely be keeping in touch with the modelling school to help me further…

With a decision made on the chance to the point if visit had been an experience, positive comments have almost encouraged me to be ipen minded about going into this sector. Once again great team, great experience…

Me and my partner have taken our daughter down to the Birmingham studio for our daughter to have a test shoot and see how she was infront of a camera. The process was quick and easy alls…

I brought my daughter to the studio for her first ever photo shoot. Everyone there were welcoming and friendly and put her at ease. I am excited to say that you wanted her which is brilliant. Thank…

I had an excellent time. Amazing photographer and good atmosphere

I had an amazing time at the Big Peg Studio. The receptionist was very professional and handled the day well as we had a few setups and was running behind schedule. The photographer was amazing. He made…

I loved the studio the staff was lovely and I enjoyed every moment of the photoshoot

I always wanted to be a model since I was little but I never had the chance to experience it so I just left it as a dream ,one day my teacher told me that I should…

My little boy did so well at yesterday’s shoot. Bit of a long day for him but he was perfect in the end and the support and help we got was lovely.

The experiences for the Assessment photoshoot test went very well. Everyone was very nice, professional and friendly. I really enjoyed it especially when you get a fantastic news after the assessment like getting a good grade or…

Absolutely loved shooting and cannot wait to start model school , really looking forward to it

Thank you very much. Since I walked into the studio I felt this is right place, very friendly staff and very professional!!! Now I have a contract with Charlies Angels of 2000 euro! Thank you, I am…

Really happy with the boys photo shoot. Boys had a great time and created some great photos to start them on their new adventure. Great studio,relaxed and very friendly.Boys loved the lady who took their photos.

I’d just like to say the shoot was really chill and staff were most helpful, fully enjoyed the few hours there and had a laugh at the same time which is what it’s all about! I’ve done…

I enjoyed this amazing experience. The photographer was very professional and the staff very friendly. I had an amazing time!

I liked it a lot everyone was soo sweet and jolly and very welcoming.

I had a really nice time attending to this photoshut, everyone there was nice and offered their assistance in any way they could, totally recomend it! Many thanks. Andrei.

It was my first experience of photo shoot and I really enjoy it. Everyone were so nice so I felt comfortable. To sum up, it was brilliant!

Really enjoyed it & was asset. And got a yes so pleased

The photoshoot was good and i enjoyed it and enjoyed my time!

Great vibe! Great team! Amazing Mr Clay 🙂 Thank you!

Very friendly and incredibly helpful, everyone was really open and happy from the beginning!

It was really nice experience

I was greeted by Jessica who instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable. Her sunny and warm disposition put me at ease straight away as I was extremely nervous although trying hard to appear confident. The photographer…

It was my first experience doing a photoshoot and I’m very pleased and satisfied with this studio. Everyone was so nice and kind and the studio was very Cosy.

They were brilliant and I really Enjoyed it they made me feel comfortable and made me feel good about myself

It was our first time attempting to be a model for my son and he did enjoy it, photos were taken quite fast and looked amazing.

I enjoyed the introductory modelling shoot and the photos are great, the staff were very friendly and very helpful when answering questions. Would recommend, but make sure you leave enough time for the shoot, Mike took around…

I Went to the shoot so nervous never having done anything like this before, the photographer made me feel so at ease telling me exactly how to pose so i wasn’t panicking. I had so much fun…

Good friendly crew Fun shoot hoping for best agencies to connect with and good work assignments as assured

Very good and professional all round

Absolutely outstanding

It was fast and easy. Exciting. I loved it.

Couldn’t be more happy with the way the day planned out x

I had a very good experience at my shoot, everyone was very lovely and friendly. On the day, I was made to feel very welcomed and I felt very comfortable. Your photographer was amazing, I loved the…

Brilliant had a fantastic time . Sam is amazing I feel that I have known him for years.

I really enjoyed the casting because when I arrived, I felt at home and was well received

Encouragement from the photographer really helped build up confidence.

It was an amazing shoot, first time experience and the waiting time was decent. Also the staff were amazing at giving help and support!

Had a very pleasant day with the team. Friendly,professional, helpful and good results. Overall a great experience!

I was extremely nervous about what was required of me for the test shoot but my fears were soon put to ease. The receptionist was very friendly and clear. My photographer made me feel comfortable, and guided…

Un loc primitor cu oameni frumoși dispuși sa ajute tinerele modele sa se lanseze !

Am făcut cateva fotografii, fotigraful un om extraordinar, ma inteles ca era. Pentru prima data aco, si mi a explicat ce trebuie sa fac, un personal calificat si amabil, ceea ce ma suparat un lic era facptul,…

I visited Malibu studios yesterday for my first time experiencing a photo shoot, and I have to say that everything was so great. I was made to feel so relaxed and at ease by the receptionist and…

It was very nice, the session was very well and the photographer was very nice and very gentle and it helped me with all the instructions. It was very easy to go there as well. The session…

Staff were very friendly and informative throughout the whole process and were very easy to get along with and make me feel comfortable. This is my first time modelling and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

My son did extremely well thanks to all the staff who were friendly, I still have some questions I want clarifying but someone is going to call me from the studio today to answers these questions.

Although it took some time see a photographer, the resulting shots were really impressive. Following the shoot it was great to speak to Amelia, who was really knowledgeable and helpful and a pleasure to spend time with….

The photographer was very friendly and professional with a welcoming approach. All staff felt easy to communicate with along with the agency professional (David) who made me feel comfortable and not pressured into anything.

I think the shoot went really well and all the staff were pleasant and it was a nice environment with entertaining music for the wait overall I think the shoot was great!

Superbe expérience, pour une première fois dans un studio

it was a good experience the team was good too it was also a fast procces and I cant wait for the next step

Ash felt comfortable with the photographer. Went well. Waited a bit too long though afterwards

I really enjoyed the photo shoot they were very helpful as I wasn’t really familiar of the poses and they were very friendly

I ha d a great experience with overbridge studio, the team was really helpful and i had a lot of fun

Genuinely had a lovely time at the Camden Studios. The entire team was welcoming, approachable and extremely helpful with giving posing and modelling advise.

I was impressed by the communication from the studio to keep me informed of the process. The photographer was very patient with me considering my inexperience! And very quickly put me at ease. I was contacted by…

Had an appointment on Friday morning was seen quit fast and seem very professional and I was happy with the end result I did get a message back from a modelling company but I would like my…

It’s my first time doing a shoot and it was a great experience as every staff was very friendly and helpful

The experience was amazing and everything seems to be going as planned. The staff were wonderful. I would definitely recommend!!!!

I thought the time spent was both productive and useful to both myself and the company.

Yesterday was awesome experience and a huge start for new opportunities. Many thanks to the whole team of Camden Studio, London for their profesional attitude, skills and work knowledge. It was great time to me. I hope…

Excellent work, friendly staff, great booking team.

I felt that the photoshoot went well, the staff was friendly, and the environment was relaxed and professional. I would recommend this studio to aspiring and upcoming models/actors to register as the environment was relaxed and they…

I arrived at the shoot soaked from the rain, and immediately went to get ready, the photographer directed me in my shoots to get good images but refrained from directing to a fuller extent leaving some of…

It was really good they work well

A fost o experienta faina.

The photos were beautiful and the photographer was really charismatic which helped with removing your nerves ; making the experience comfortable .

i had a great experience. the photoshoot went really well, and the people were very helpful and nice. would recommence to everyone

I really enjoyed my time at the studio and all crew was very kind to me, and and atmosphere was very supportive and definitely it’s full professionals

The whole experience went well. Clay was great and so were the staff. The photo’s we’re lovely and captured my daughter’s personality well. Even though the day was gloomy and wet, this whole experience didn’t dampen our…

Team there was kind and helpful to someone who has never done a shoot before, no pressure, everyone was really nice and I got through it much easier than I thought, just got to be myself and…

The experience was great really enjoyed it

I got called to come in at 5pm booking an appointment was fast and easy. When I arrived I sat down for 15 minutes until someone to take the professional pictures which I didn`t mind. I was…

Everyone in the studio was polite and professional. It was an amazing experience

My little boy really enjoyed his photo shoot, Jasmine was great with him and made him feel really comfortable and relaxed. Thanks Studio music too loud

Im surprise to be a model at my age thank you.

Very friendly atmosphere. Lovely people and very helpful

The staff were so friendly and helpful and gave me all the needed information to operculum kickstart into the world of modelling!

It was slightly difficult to find the studio and they didnt have much in the way of refreshments. However, the staff were very welcoming and friendly.

Great experience with lovely and professional people

It was a great photoshoot, I learnt a lot from it.

It was amazing as the last time I did something like this was for a cerebral palsy charity called scope but with less photos

Less to say I was not confident when I first started. I felt unnatural and out of place but as the shoot went on I didn’t feel as awkward. I loved the end results.

We have a great experience, the Staff were very friendly and made us feel comfortable and they explained everything out to us

My experience at Malibu studio was a really lovely experience. The team made me feel so wekcome. I appreciated their honesty. The team was organised and very professional. I am overjoyed and impressed with the fast moving…


Embarking on my journey, I could only imagine what to expect upon arrival. Once I’d entered the Studio, I knew I was gonna be in for an authentic experience. Before I’d opened the door I could hear…

I loved the process by which everything took place, organized and professional. They gave no pressure yet all they supported you in you, they boosted my confidence even more than it was by appropriately being realistic. I…

Hospitality was great. Jasmine became very comfortable being in the photographers room and felt welcomed by the photographer and staff which resulted in a positive outcome. Thank you for your service. Look forward to working with you…

Thank you so much for making me feel welcome and giving me a pass you have made me so happy all my life I have wanted to model now I have set my portfolio up time to…

It was Absolutely great and we tools some great photo and I can’t wait to start my modelling career

I enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun, the staff and photographer were really friendly and made me feel really comfortable. It was a really good opportunity and has definitely made me more confident

All the staff were lovely ! Professional and kind. I enjoyed working with the photographer too!

Was everythinb creat

Wow. I was so nervous with this being my 1st time in front of the camera (I’m normally behind it hiding). The staff were amazing. Really friendly and made me feel welcome and relaxed. The photographer was…

Clay was super nice and friendly. Felt apprehensive when arriving as it was in a basement in the back end of Camden, thought it could possibly be a scam, especially when someone else came in and left…

Useful feedback provided and secured being signed up. Waiting time was long but worth it for the outcome

I had a great time meeting the team an learning more things I didn’t know about the industry. The photography was really nice, an I was pleased to know that the shoot was a success. Im now…

The session was awesome.

Really professional and a lot of fun. Their photographer in particular really made u feel relaxed and comfortable. Great team!

The minute I finished filling in my first model form online. The team has been with me every step of the way. I was Proveded with all the neccessly information, that I needed to get to the…

I came to the studio not really knowing what to expect but the staff were great and the photos were really clean and professional and the whole shoot was guided too so I was at ease the…

I recently attended a photo shoot assessment at the big pet studio, and received two offers from UK based agencies and companies! These guys really helped kickstart my modelling career, and everything about the service from keeping…

It’s was an amazing experience for me, as I got know to how modelling Carrera and photographer works, the staff were very friendly and supported as l went there without my family, but l felt home!

It was a good experience for me the staff are very nice.

The venue was really interesting. along side the staff that made this all happen they where very helpful and the photo came out wonderfully.

Lovely and professional workers

The three studio staff were outstandingly friendly and helpful. They didn’t stop from when i arrived till when i left…they were courteous, great at calming nerves and very instructive. The receptionist helped me to find the venue…

It was fine my only concern it was about language I had a little trouble understanding but I liked this apartment

We attended this studio with my daughter and was made to feel welcome, we recived good advice and thought theteam was very honest and professional. Thnak you

Such a lobelynexperience for.my daughters first photoshoot. A really warm, welcomingnenvironmentnandnthenpeople therenwere lovely! Thank you all so much.

Pros: very informative and insightful, they offer great deals and play good music. Cons: very stuffy and busy on the clients side of things.

Nice and straightforward people but had to wait too long in too small a room with too few chairs.

I had an amazing experience at Malibu studio yesterday. It was fun and I went without any expectations. I bonded very well with the photographer and as a result I had 2 agencies wanting to work with…

I had an amazing experience. It gave me the confidence to shoot in front of the camera.people are very friendly and supportive I would like to thank Clay, he is amazing!

I had a great time at the studio, it was a very relaxed atmosphere and i walked out with job offers! These guys work fast!

I had a lovely time at the shoot

I will give 5 star because was amazing and I don’t have words to explain what I’m feeling

Had a really good experience and so happy my son got through with his shoot so happy with everything.

I was a little nervous and apprehensive about my first shoot, but the entire team were lovely and approachable whilst remaining professional. The shoot went really well and gave me a massive confidence boost for future shoots….

I found the photo shoot to be amazing, especially as my first ever one it was an amazing oppertunity to be part of and hopefully my career sets off jue to the companies that were recomended to…

Courteous & friendly staff

This was a very new experience for me. I was noticeably nervous. But I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable by ALL of the staff. They talked me through what I had to do. Ended…

Had a brilliant experience yesterday and really enjoyed myself would definitely recommend

Made me feel very comfortable and very good at what they do

I really enjoyed my photoshoot, it was a completely new experience and I most defiantly want to do it again. I cannot wait to see what the future holds in the modelling world!

I had applied for a chance at a photoshoot online and the application was very easy, quick and straight forward. The following morning I had already received an invitation to take part in a photoshoot which is…

It was a good experience the people were kind, the photographer Zack was a good director.

Everyone is very nice. I like this Studio. Have a nice day.

Bear jokes it was a good experience.

Down at Malibu studios I was made feel more than welcome , by a warm company. Motivation is key at the studios as they guide you and tell you what’s best for you

Hi this is shaleha farhanhusan saiyed.it was great experience of shoot with the team.very cooperative and encouraging team.i came from india before 3 months but they really treated me already as great successful model.i feel more confident…

I really enjoyed my time at the shoot and the team we’re lovely and full of life! I didn’t get bored for one second! The photographer was great and I received many useful tips and tricks for…

Decocamdata totul a decurs bine, astept sa vad pe viitor.

I enjoyed it and it was welcoming was there around 3 hours or jus under and received a 12 month probation contract, so over the moon and happy with the results was a good experience

This was my very first time doing a photoshoot and I was not expecting this to be this good! I loved it! People were very nice to me, very kind and positive. This was such a great…

Having a photoshoot for the first time was exciting. The staff were polite and attentive and the photographer was very understanding, patient and willing to help me without making me feel awkward. The actual place was not…

It was a good experience for me as it was my first time but the photographer was good and made me feel at ease. I am happy I have been given this opportunity and look forward to…

it was so nice to have some photos with you guys 🙂

The shoot was really great. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. The photographer was really good and helpful. Plus the pictures i took were awesome. i am glad i didn’t cancel the shoot assessment, it was really…

Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and welcome. Great photographers and coaches. Would definitely recommend it.

A new experience that encouraged me to be more confident in myself. An enjoyable experience

I liked very much the people that i met there! They knew how to make you to feel comfortable and that helped me very much in posing.

Good and friendly staff enjoy my experience

High quality pictures with detailed details. I am satisfied with the service provided. Thanks!

well, people gave me full support

Was a fun experience and everyone was friendly

It was a lovely experience with really positive and motivating staff. They were very helpful and respectful to not only me but my mum as well

Great staff,very professional and kind,easy to work with.Made me feel comfortable.

Was such a pleasure was my first ever shoot the camera man was awesome made me feel at ease

I cannot thank the staff enough, amazingly helpful and friendly guiding me through the whole process. I could not be happier thanks again

They were kind and patient with me whilst informing me on important industry standards.

The team made me feel welcome from the get go. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently. Loved the end result and within one day already heard from agencies.

Very happy with how helpful and pleasant the staff Thank you

It was an amazing experience

I loved my test shoot, I was made to feel comfortable and happy during the session. If I get the chance to recommend this studio to others I will gladly do. Thank you.

I am pleased I contacted this studio as the service was outstanding, from the first contact I was guided through the process, the team was very professional. Although my english is not as good, they took time…

I had a really good first experience in modeling and the staff where really nice.

Very helpful staff. Was my first time and did not know what to expect but they sorted me out. Very friendly working environment. Patient with new intakes and treated everyone with utmost respect.

The session has been professional and straightforward. The welcoming atmosphere set by the very professional staff were corroborated by their behaviour and choice of words expressions. Thanks to Michael who is very client oriented and transparent. Well…

Absolutely Great nice and friendly I enjoyed the shoot very much.

Good experience to try do some professional photos

Staff were very welcoming and pleasant it was my daughters first time at a photo shoot and they made her feel welcoming and calm

Was really overwhelmed by the whole experience my 16yr old daughter received the start to end was very welcoming and ensuring my daughter was happy I highly recommend this company

Very efficient and enjoyable experience. My only issue was finding the place, but once this was done the experience was smooth and organised.

it was fun and they were very welcoming; i liked how they didnt waste time and started up my website and my opportunities were available as soon as possible.

I like the photoshoot and the design of the studio

I had the most amazing experience at overvridge studios in Manchester . The staff were lovely and very dedicated to what they do they had my best interests at heart which was very comforting considering it was…

My daughter came for her photo shoot yesterday (28/08/19) and were beyond impressed with the studio, staff and hospitality. The staff made you feel relaxed and comfortable and also gave as much information needed to know what…

As it was my frist photo shoot ever I was not sure what to expect from this but was very happy with the out come

i was nerveors but excited about the shoot. The shoot it self was really fun and easy it was helpful that the photography instructions with what poses to do an how to pose them. it was a…

It was an okay experience made me feel like a model

It was really good and I didn’t feel nerveous at all because of all the support I had

It was an incredible experience and incredibly professional and very smart staff and above all very kind patients since I don’t speak English well and thanks to them I’m trying to make my dream come true

It was a nice shoot, with lovely people who made me feel comfortable. It was also quite quick.

Hello, I admit on the day of the meeting I was very excited, I stayed ten minutes until I had the courage to call the intercom. Afterwards, very confident, I met the reception lady, who gave me…

Great, pleased with experience

Professional and friendly staff.

The pictures came out with the best quality and the staff were nothing but nice to us and we got taken through it all step by step and I felt comfortable infront of the photographers.

For a first time photo shoot I really enjoyed. Very professional team

Someone suggested that we got Silas involved with a modelling agency. I looked online and saw a complementary review on Mum’s Net. We completed a short contact form, which was easy to use, and we heard back…

Staff was very welcoming and friendly explained everything

i’d like say thank you for the great photo shootand exciting and great experience of taking my first step to become a model keep up the good work and thank you again.

Had a fantastic test shoot a d was accepted. The staff were lovely and .y feedback was amazing.

The place was amazing. The staff were kind and helpful and my experience was good

There the people were very nice and kind. I liked it because it’s a professional studio. The pictures are amazing. The studio is a pleasant environment where I spent almost 3 hours. So everything there was fine,…

First time I’ve been to this gorgeous studio all the staff were so lovely.

Here I am Sanket Dhawan had test photo shoot in Camden studio. I really felt comfortable and whole team is cooperative. Looking forward to get work after got registered as gold member. Recommend them.

Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot with my son, the feedback & photos were fantastic. Highly recommended.

Fantastic service. Everyone was polite and I felt as if I fitted in.

Was very nice and well presented

My experience was amazing and i felt the structure of the organisation was on point; very professional. Time was managed very well also.

O primire călduroasă, oameni frumoși și cu siguranță profesioniști. Sunt foarte mulțumită de ajutorul lor!

I had the pleasure of attending a photo shoot arranged for me in Camden last Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Jessica and the whole team at Model Studio were very professional and loved their positive…

Nice and lovely place, I would like to work more with you

I have alwalways wanted to be a model and thanks to Malibu studio,I had my first shoot yesterday,it was a very nice environment and everyone was friendly and nice especially the photographer,she was so calm and wonderful…

Aceasta este oportunitatea de a fi pregătit atunci când lumea se prăbușește. Consider lucrul bine făcut ATITUDINEA. Restul e poveste. Be strong everytime This is the opportunity to be prepared when the world collapses. I consider the…

Multumim pentru primirea calduroasa pe care ne-ati facut-o, sunteti foarte buni si dati dovada de profesionalism   Thank you for the warm welcome you gave us, you are very good and show professionalism

My experience at the studio was fantastic. I was clearly guided during the photoshoot and the information given to me at the end was very professional and detailed. The employees made me feel very comfortable and relaxed…

We had a Great experience, excellent friendly Staff made us feel welcomed and every thing was explained to us. Char went above and beyond for myself and my daughter. My daughter said the Photographer made her feel…

I had a great day with Ricky, Luke and Co. Very professional and good guidance and advice given. Happy days…!!

The staff were wonderful and loverly, it was a great experience

It was so amazing over at the studio in Manchester everyone was so nice and welcoming

Millie had a fantastic day. She was made to feel very welcome and at ease by the photographer. Millie looked fabulous in the photos.. Many thanks for a fantastic day.

I had the most amazing day yesterday at Camden studios. Everyone was so lovely and accommodating. The atmosphere throughout the whole day was so lovely and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you for making…

The photographers were really pleasant and fully understood that we had a 9 month old baby that we needed to get changed and hadn’t had a lot of sleep before so he was a little grumpy! The…

The people were very nice and friendly my daughter love it would definitely go back thank once again

Very good services

Everyone was very cheerful during the photo shoot. I liked most of the photos and the patience of the staff while I was getting changed into different outfits. I was given the freedom to add my own…

I really enjoyed my time at the studio. All the staff were extremely welcoming and helpful. Very willing to answer any of my questions.

My first photo shoot expire went Very Well Had an amazing time and made good looking pictures. Everybody was friendly and made me feel more than welcome. Thank you for experience and hopefully this will help me…

I really enjoyed myself at the shoot the staff there were really friendly.

All staff were fab. Lady who took Lily-Mae’s photos was amazing and so good with her. Will be passing details on yo people

The studio facilities were great with a nice rota and system of the work done by the people there I loved the photo shoot and now set up for real work coming in with high pay

All staff were friendly supportive and helpful they created a nice calm comfortable atmosphere making the shoot run a lot quicker and smoother and also waiting time was not too long.

Very welcoming and friendly staff.

Considering this was my first time at any modelling , i met some absolutely incredible people, i was so nervous but was made to feel at ease, i was on top off the world when i got…

It was a lot of fun, very easy to work with the staff who were very friendly. It provides a nice atmosphere to do what we came to do.

The start was very nice friendly and kept you informed of everything that was happening made the experience very refreshing

I am thrilled of being part for one day on this studio. The people are so friendly , beautiful cooperation and knowledgable. The photographer, Kiki , is a happy beautiful woman, absolutely great into her instructions. She…

Warm and friendly welcome and poppy had great fun and enjoyed her time in front of the camera

We arrived at the studio early, and we were welcomed like visiting guests in a home. All the staff were very accommodating in that they made me feel comfortable, most especially during the photo shoot. Even though…